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using (downloading) the software

fuji igbt simulator version 6 is an improved version for loss and temperature calculation of fuji igbt devices for 3-phase inverter or chopper circuits.
the accuracy of the loss calculation is improved and useful functions for application design with fuji igbt modules are added. (you might need to download and install the .net framework.)
this software should be run on windows 7 or more.

ver. 6.0.3
?fixed calculation of t2 in 2-phase (b)

ver. 6.0.2
?fixed issue in german and other languages
?fixed issue in cycle mode calculation

features of the fuji igbt simulator

  1. 1. improved the accuracy of the loss calculation
  2. 2. loss/temperature calculation for 2-level and 3-level inverter circuit and chopper circuit.
  3. 3. support several kinds of pwm control method.
  4. 4. heatsink / thermal condition
  5. 5. parameter sweep calculation
  6. 6. load cycle calculation (cyclic mode / one-shot mode)
  7. 7. output calculation result to text file.
  8. 8. support english / chinese / japanese

the ver. 6 has the same functions as ver. 5. but the calculation results can be different between ver. 6 and ver. 5 because the approximation accuracy of device characteristics is changed in order to improve the accuracy of the loss calculation.

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